Your New BFF’s

Pinterest and Michael’s. If you don’t already, you’re going to love them.

My mother-in-law and one of my sister-in-laws turned me on to the whole Pinterest thing and oh my gosh it was a fast addiction. They have everything under the sun. I spent hours looking through pins in the Weddings and Events section, and I got a lot of my ideas from there (such as my centerpieces. I’ll post about those later). There are lots of centerpieces, decorating tips and ideas, and cute unique things you never would have thought of. They also have a Crafts pin section, which is where I spend more time nowadays. There you can find ideas for home crafts, things you can use for the wedding, and all kinds of accessory ideas. Pinterest also has recipes, ideas for the home and home decorating, useful crafts for home, and things for kids for when your happily-ever-after starts.

Michael’s proved to be a great help since I was so DIY for my wedding. They have weekly coupons on their website that I printed and used a lot. You can also just show them on your mobile phone if you have a smart phone. Very handy if you are there on an outing and find something you must have 😉 Michael’s has fake flowers, painting supplies, frames, baskets, jewelry making supplies, and some home decorations. Pretty much anything craft related you could ever need for your wedding.

Michael’s also has a couple aisles dedicated entirely to wedding things. They have centerpieces, gift boxes and satchels, invitations, stamps, stickers, candies, fun bride and bridesmaids t-shirts, and the list could go on and on. I got my flower girl basket, all of the ribbon I used, some wedding mints, bubbles, and a few other miscellaneous things there. Things can be a little spendy there, but it’s all nice quality and with the coupons it’s not so bad. I’m also planning on getting the paper and embellishments for our wedding scrapbook there when I get to do it. They have tons of stickers, albums, papers, punches, and accessories for scrapbookers (I definitely am one)!

I have posts with my flower girl basket, ring bearer pillow, and centerpieces in my DIY & Crafts category. Here is the link to my Pinterest profile. Check out my Ideas for Weddings & Parties board for inspiration. I also have a board for Recipes and a board for Crafts. Enjoy 🙂



“Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart.” (Psalm 37:4 NIV)