Wedding Photo Checklist

Here is the checklist of photos I gave our photographer. I organized it by time frame so our photographer could easily go down the list as the day progressed. Feel free to copy paste and print it if you’d like to use it! I hope this helps!

McCarty Wedding Photo Checklist

  1. Pre-Ceremony
  •       A picture of the wedding gown (optional alternative: with bridesmaids gowns too)
  •       Bride & Bridesmaids dressing and getting ready for ceremony (doing makeup & hair)
  •       Bride with mother fastening her necklace
  •       Solo picture of the bride after dressing up
  •       Pictures of bride and bridesmaids all dressed up
  •       The bouquet/shoes/any accessories
  •       Bride with her father
  •       The groom and groomsmen dressing and getting ready for ceremony
  •       The groom with his best man
  •       The groom fastening his tie/putting on his suit
  •       The groom with his groomsmen all dressed up
  •       Bridesmaids and Bride/Groomsmen and Groom praying

2.   At the Ceremony

  •       Pictures of decorations and guests arriving/finding seats
  •       The groom and officiate waiting at the front of the church
  •       The wedding party (bridesmaids and groomsmen, ring bearers, flower girls)
  •       The bride and father walking down the aisle
  •       The groom when he sees his bride (this one is priceless!)
  •       The father giving away the bride
  •       Beginning prayer
  •       A close up shot of the couples joined hands
  •       Exchanging of vows
  •       Exchanging of rings
  •       Unity sand ceremony
  •       The infamous first kiss
  •       Bride and groom exiting sanctuary

3.   Formal Wedding Photos (both in the church and at an outdoor location)

  •       Bride and Groom with brides parents/grooms parents
  •       Entire wedding party (multiple poses and both locations)
  •       Bride with bridesmaids/Groom with groomsmen (both locations)
  •       Bride with her parents/Groom with his parents
  •       Bride and groom together, close ups too (multiple shots and poses, both locations)
  •       Wedding rings (both in hands and on fingers)

4.   At the reception

  •       The grand entrance of wedding party
  •       Newlyweds first dance
  •       Wedding cake, buffet table, and gift table
  •       Newlyweds at table (with wedding party too)
  •       Father-daughter dance
  •       “Dollar-Dance”
  •       Bouquet and garter tosses
  •       Groom dancing with his mother
  •       Guests dancing
  •       Cutting of the cake (and the smashing it in the face…)
  •       Any toasts that take place
  •       Newlyweds talking with and greeting guests