Wedding Card Album

I got this off Pinterest (no surprise there!) and you can view the full and original tutorial here. I absolutely had to share this! It was my very first Pinterest craft, it was really easy, and it looks so nice. It’s the perfect way to save all the cards you get for your wedding and to preserve all the kind words of wisdom people took the time to write you.


Our wedding card album


Since it wasn’t my own project to begin with, I won’t elaborate too much on this. I went to Michael’s and picked up large split rings, some cute brads, glittery foam sticker letters, and two sheets of scrapbook paper that matched my wedding colors. For the bow around the front, I used one of the sashes that were tied around the pews at our wedding ceremony. You will need similar materials as well as glue dots, scissors, a single hole punch, and all your wedding cards! Don’t forget to check out the actual tutorial here to see how it’s done and all the things you need to do it 🙂


The front and back cover of our album.

Close up of the top corner. Our album was much thicker than the gal who posted the tutorial. I was very glad I got such big split rings!

Bottom corner. I wrote my tag almost exactly like the examples. I just loved the way it looked!

The open view. I didn’t arrange them by size, I just sort of mixed them up. The envelope glued to the inside of the front cover has a card in it from one of my sisters. She wrote on every inch on the inside of that card and I couldn’t punch a hole through it!


This would also be really great for your first Christmas together cards, kids birthday cards, milestone anniversary cards, and bridal or baby shower cards! I’ll definitely be doing this one again. I highly suggest doing this after your wedding. You could maybe even read through them together on your first anniversary (as you eat the top half of your wedding cake) 😉