The Wedding Party

If you’re anything like me, picking out someone else’s attire may not be so easy. I actually felt a little guilty telling my girls what I wanted them to wear. Of course I asked them all their opinion of the dress I chose, and told them if one of them didn’t like it we could choose another! I was also extra careful to pick a dress that would flattering on each of them. All four of my bridesmaids had different body types, and this can be challenging when choosing bridesmaids dresses (I feel I nailed this flawlessly, because they all looked so good on our wedding day!)

All of my bridesmaids wore the same dress in the same color. I toyed with the idea of having two of them in the lilac that I chose, and two of them in mermaid, but I decided not to because there wasn’t a lilac color that matched in the groomsman’s vests that we got them. If you use David’s Bridal and Men’s Warehouse, that might be a neat and unique idea for you to use (because they have the same colors). You could also just choose a color, and have your bridesmaids wear different dresses all in that same color. (If you do this, I would advise giving them one requirement: that they’re the same length. Either all short or all long. It just looks neater and cleaner when you’re all up there together.)

My girls and I. We had so much fun with our photographer. Their dress was a halter with a high waist (I think that’s called empire waist?)

The groomsmen are very easy to dress (as awkward as that sounds…). Instead of having all Andy’s groomsmen in full tuxes, which is expensive and unnecessary for a semi-formal wedding, I picked out a shirt/tie/and vest package for them in a [perfectly] matching color. They all had their own black dress pants and dress shoes. Andy was the only one in a full tux. He didn’t care what tux he wore, so I picked him out a two button tux from Jim’s Formal Wear with a tie, vest, and pocket square in the same pattern and color as the groomsmen. The end result of all the boys together looked really nice. I personally think that all of them in tuxes wouldn’t have made for such great contrast and would have been a little overwhelming.

Andy and his groomsmen. They sure are a bunch of goofballs.

I went a little against the grain and had two flower girls and two ring bearers, and it ended up being pretty adorable. I picked out super cute flower girl dresses at JC Penny, and my mother-in-law got little suits for the ring bearers (CUTEST thing I ever saw). The ring bearers wore a darker purple than the lilac, but I think it complimented everything quite nicely. The children’s formal wear was also inexpensive, which is always nice because its highly unlikely they’ll get to wear it again before they outgrow it. David’s Bridal has beautiful flower girl dresses, but they cost as much as some of their bridal gowns. And I’m sorry, I will not pay that much for something they’re going to wear once. (Same story with Men’s Warehouse too, by the way. They have little boy tuxes, but for a chunk of money.)

Our nephews, the ring bearers, in their cute little suits.

Our nieces, the flower girls. I found their dresses in the little girls dress section at Penny’s. $25 a piece.

When it comes to choosing your wedding party, make sure you give it some thought. Your bridesmaids should be your best friends; friends who you know will be there to help you and comfort you and beat down the bridezilla if need be through your entire engagement, no matter how long. Andy and I went against the grain again here and chose not to have a best man or maid of honor. He just didn’t want to, but I didn’t because I had an experience as a bridesmaid once, and all that did was create drama. I didn’t want to subject my girls to that, it just isn’t fair. I did have one of my sisters as a bridesmaid, and Andy had both of his brothers as groomsmen. Just something to think about if you have siblings.

I hope this makes dressing your wedding party a little easier. Just remember to be nice and try to respect any requests from the girls (and the boys, they do count too).

The wedding party together, after the ceremony.

[All photos by Jenna D Photography]



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