Getting Organized

You’ve picked your date and all your friends and family are hyped up and excited about your wedding day. Now it’s time to get organized. It’s the easiest way to minimize your stress and keep you from ripping your pretty hair out (which I would not recommend prior to a wedding day. A bald bride is never a good look).

You by no means need a glorified, high tech, marketed wedding planner. They are expensive, and most of what is in them you can find for free on the internet such as countdowns, timelines, and checklists. I went to Barnes and Nobel and bought a regular day planner. I paid around $10-$15 I think, and it was the greatest investment I made! I’ll include a photo at the bottom for you. Maybe you can find the same one. It has a year and a half of calendar space in it, a ribbon place marker, about 15 pages of note space in the back, an address book section, and a magnetic close feature. It even so happened to match my main wedding color. Plus for me!

I also bought a separate address book, because the section in my planner isn’t very big and I wanted them all in one place. It was inexpensive, and I figure I’ll always have it until it falls apart. The address book I got from the Hallmark store. I carried my planner and address book with me in my purse just about everywhere I went for 6 whole months. Just in case I ran into someone or saw something in a store or anywhere that gave me a thought or idea. This is very smart, you should do it too.

I would also suggest buying a tote – you know, the big plastic ones you see at WalMart or Fred Meyer. I waited a little too long to do this, and I lived with wedding items cluttering up my apartment for quite a while before figuring it out. You can store every single wedding related item you purchase in it, and keep it under a table or in a spare room. Mine is big, really big. Like 3 feet long, 2.5 feet wide, and about 2.5 feet tall. Roughly. It fit just about all of our wedding items in it and it was easy to put in the back of the truck for the drive to Homer, AK and the ferry ride to Kodiak.

Lastly, finances. Paying for a wedding is expensive. And I’ll say it now, anyone who tries to tell you “the bride’s family traditionally pays for the wedding” or “[bride or grooms] family pays for [such and such]” is not a person you should talk to anymore. Walk away. It’s 2012, not 1952, and both families should decide what works best. We decided to divide the costs as equally as possible. And it worked out rather well (for the most part…) One of the best things you can do, to minimize “cost shock”, is buy a little at a time over your whole engagement (another reason why 6+ months is best). So maybe this paycheck order the invites, next paycheck pick up some decorations, paycheck after that… you get the picture.

Being extra organized will save you time and energy. Believe me, your body will thank you, because stress takes its toll and you’re going to have plenty of it.

My “wedding planner”. Served its purpose and then some.

The opened view of the planner. I kept important wedding related things in there too such as my color swatches, business cards for my bridal consultant, photographer, etc, and shopping lists and sticky notes. MUST DO!

You may notice the David’s Bridal color swatches sticking out. Please see my “The Brides Attire” post to see why I highly recommend David’s and why you should get those color cards.

I haven’t said this before, but if any of you have a question you don’t see answered or have a problem you need some help with, please please please leave me a comment. Don’t hesitate! Now go get organized!


“I will say of the Lord, ‘He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust’.” (Psalm 91:2 NIV84)