Wedding Card Album

I got this off Pinterest (no surprise there!) and you can view the full and original tutorial here. I absolutely had to share this! It was my very first Pinterest craft, it was really easy, and it looks so nice. It’s the perfect way to save all the cards you get for your wedding and to preserve all the kind words of wisdom people took the time to write you.


Our wedding card album


Since it wasn’t my own project to begin with, I won’t elaborate too much on this. I went to Michael’s and picked up large split rings, some cute brads, glittery foam sticker letters, and two sheets of scrapbook paper that matched my wedding colors. For the bow around the front, I used one of the sashes that were tied around the pews at our wedding ceremony. You will need similar materials as well as glue dots, scissors, a single hole punch, and all your wedding cards! Don’t forget to check out the actual tutorial here to see how it’s done and all the things you need to do it 🙂


The front and back cover of our album.

Close up of the top corner. Our album was much thicker than the gal who posted the tutorial. I was very glad I got such big split rings!

Bottom corner. I wrote my tag almost exactly like the examples. I just loved the way it looked!

The open view. I didn’t arrange them by size, I just sort of mixed them up. The envelope glued to the inside of the front cover has a card in it from one of my sisters. She wrote on every inch on the inside of that card and I couldn’t punch a hole through it!


This would also be really great for your first Christmas together cards, kids birthday cards, milestone anniversary cards, and bridal or baby shower cards! I’ll definitely be doing this one again. I highly suggest doing this after your wedding. You could maybe even read through them together on your first anniversary (as you eat the top half of your wedding cake) 😉

Reception Centerpieces

There are hundreds, probably thousands, of ideas and examples for your table centerpieces out there. I have quite a few on my “Ideas for Weddings & Parties” board on Pinterest if you need some inspiration. I found this idea for ours on Pinterest, but I tweaked it a little to match our wedding theme. You can view the original pin here.

I gathered 27 mason jars in various sizes (I ended up using only 26; one of them was really tiny!) and I didn’t even have to buy them. All I had to do was get on Facebook (small town girl, remember) and ask if anyone had any jars that they no longer needed or wanted to part with.

You will want a good sized work station. To do this project, you will need mason jars, ribbon of your choice, and a hot glue gun. For display you’ll need flat bottomed clear (or colored if you’d like) pebbles, water, and floating candles.

To start, measure around the jar and add about an extra half inch. Cut your ribbon accordingly – the extra half inch is for glue. I used the same ribbon that I did for the ring pillow and the flower girl basket, so I glued the sheer ribbon first and the turquoise over it. The seam where the ribbons are glued looks like this:

Outside of the jar, where the ribbons are hot glued down.

A view of the inside of the jar. You can see how the bottom ribbon is glued to the jar, then each new spot of glue is put directly over the first.

Once your initial ribbons are glued, decide what ribbon you will be using for the bow. You could also use some other kind of embellishment for the front if you prefer. I used a thin lavender ribbon for some, and the same 3/8 in for others (I didn’t plan it that way, I ran out of the turquoise part way through and ended up using the lavender until I got more turquoise). Instead of tying the bow on the jar, use this bow tying tutorial to tie free bows and hot glue them in your desired spot.

For display at the wedding, fill roughly the bottom 1 1/2 to 2 inches of the jar with the pebbles, fill with water up to the top of your ribbon, and float a candle in them. (You need floating candles… regular candles don’t float. I thought most everyone knew this, but Andy and a few of my friends didn’t! I found mine for about $3.50 per 8 pack at Fred Meyers.)

Our assortment of jars turned out really nice, and once they were on the tables filled with water and had the candles lit it was even better. Here’s 3 of our various jars. You can see the three different bow styles I ended up doing.

Finished centerpieces, minus the pebbles.

Personally, my favorites were the ones with turquoise bows. It was what I originally wanted and I just thought it looked best. I even saved two of them after the wedding and I have them sitting on our mantle with our unity sand 🙂 You could tweak this to match your wedding style or theme and your wedding colors. It’s a very easy project and looks great on tables!

Bouquets & Boutonnieres

Fresh flowers are unbelievably expensive! My bouquet and two boutonnieres cost $150, and I know the gal I got them from could have charged more. Since we were trying to do our wedding cheaply, I wanted to avoid fresh flowers wherever possible. So I made my bridesmaids bouquets and the groomsmens boutonnieres.

Apparently I did this the hard way, because little did I know that you can buy bridesmaid bouquet handles with that green foam in them for arranging fake flowers. Hmph.I found them at Michael’s long after I made these…

I ordered fake lavender colored roses and white mini rose buds from eFavorMart (which is where I got all of our decorations too – more on that later). They have lots of colors and flowers to choose from. I took 4 lavender roses and 4 stems of white rose buds and set them aside for the groomsmen, and divided the remaining roses and buds by 5 to make the bouquets (I also made myself a toss bouquet – there was no way I was throwing my real and expensive one). I cut them all to the same lengths and rubber-banded them together very tight and near the top (as close to the flowers as possible, without messing up the arrangement).

I then wrapped the stems in a deep purple, inch and a half wide ribbon, starting at the base and wrapping upward toward the flowers. (You will want to use tacky glue to glue the starting end to the ribbon laying over it. I didn’t do this and one or two of them started coming unraveled at the wedding.) Wrap your ribbon around all the way to the top, glue down to itself with tacky glue, and clamp it for 10 minutes or so, just so it has a good hold before you let it finish drying. Then cut off any excess ribbon and fluff the flowers.

For the boutonnieres, I used small rubber bands (like the ones you use for small hair braids) to hold the two stems together, and did the same wrapping style with the same ribbon. Glue the last end wherever you want the “back” to be, the side that is against the groomsmens chest, so it’s hidden and unnoticeable. You’ll be able to use a boutonniere pin right through the ribbon to attach it to their suit jacket or shirt.

Here is how my finished products looked:

The completed bouquets and boutonnieres.

This was rather difficult and time consuming. I highly recommend buying the bridesmaid bouquet handles. They have them at Michael’s on one of their wedding aisles, and I’m sure you can order them on the internet as well. (Unless of course you’re super-bride, then by all means make yours this way!) You can at the very least make your boutonnieres 🙂

In Memory Candles

Having “In Memory” candles is a personal choice and not a tradition at weddings, although there are marketed premade candles out there. I couldn’t justify spending $20 or more on a candle, so I made ours. I went to Walmart and bought two ivory, unscented pillar candles (I think they were $1 each) and two small square mirror plates to set them on (these were about $3 a piece). I already had silver glittery alphabet scrapbook stickers at home, but I went to Michael’s and got some pearl and corner embellishments to add to them. Using tweezers, I carefully placed each letter and number on the candles. The use of tweezers prevents getting your skin oils on the stickers, and also helps you keep them straight. Since they are going on wax you can easily peal and replace them if they begin to go askew (but don’t worry, they hold on great once you press them on hard! Ours made it 2 months in a tote and then all the way from Anchorage to Kodiak – 250 miles).

You could also tie or hot glue ribbon onto candles, use rhinestones, or whatever else your little heart desires. (Paint, pen, and markers do not work so don’t waste your money on those attempts). You can find small photo clips at Invitations by Dawn that you can use on your bouquet ribbons or could clip onto ribbon attached to your candles.

Here is how our candles looked when I was finished. They looked great up on stage, and cost about $5 a piece with all the materials.

Our candles for my Grandmother and Uncle.


You can choose to incorporate these into the ceremony, or just have them already lit when guests are arriving. I had my parents walk to the front together and light them at the beginning of the ceremony before my mother took her seat (the church we were married at has doors and stairs both at the front and back of the sanctuary, so my father went downstairs and circled back up and around to get me!)

Remembering loved ones lost in this way on your wedding day can help bring you a sort of peace, especially when it was someone you were close to and loved very much, who would have been there in life if they could. I prayed that morning that maybe God would let them look down on us and watch, and because of the peace I felt before I walked down the aisle I have faith that He did.



“The Lord is near to the brokenhearted, and saves the crushed in spirit. Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivers him out of them all.” (Psalm 34:18-19 ESV)

Ring Pillow & Flower Basket

Since I couldn’t find a pillow and basket in my wedding colors at a low price, I decided to make my own. This was my first craft for our wedding, and it obviously lead to many more! It’s very easy, and I hope this is easy enough to follow.

You will need:

– Tacky glue

– Ribbon in your wedding colors

– Small rhinestones (optional)

– Small sewing kit

– A plain ring pillow and flower girl basket


I got my ring bearer pillow at Walmart for about $11. The tacky glue, ribbon, and rhinestones I got at Michael’s. (I apologize for some of the photos. They were taken with my phone and aren’t that great!)

My plain ring pillow from Walmart.

Wrap your chosen ribbons around the pillow to get a measurement and cut accordingly. I used a wide sheer purple and a narrower solid blue to layer. Trim the edges of the wide ribbon so it looks like it disappears behind the main bow (if your pillow doesn’t have a bow or anything on the front, you can make a bow using either white ribbon or one of your wedding colors and tack or sew it to the front. Here is a great bow tying tutorial). Because one of my ribbons was sheer, I stitched them to the pillow under one of the bow ears, with the solid ribbon under the sheer.

Stitch or glue one end under the bow, making sure the ribbon is lying over top and centered on whatever preexisting ribbon is there (if your pillow has one). Flip your pillow over and pull the ribbon flush so it lays tight and flat against it. Stitch it where the existing ribbon is stitched to create the handle, then stitch it again in the same place on the other side. Wrap it back around to the front and stitch the end under the opposite side of the front bow. Then do the same steps with your next ribbon (if you have one), laying it centered and flush just like the first one. If this ribbon is wider and sheer like mine, don’t make it part of the handle. Instead, cut it and stitch or glue it where the handle starts and do the same on the other side. The underside should look like this:

The backside of the pillow, showing the handle or hand slot for the ring bearer.

The front should look something like this:

The pillows front side, almost finished.

I used a thin purple ribbon to add to the tying ribbons that hang off the front. I cut them to the same length and stitched them up underneath the heart embellishment. I also decided to monogram the pillow with rhinestones. Put some tacky glue on a paper plate and use tweezers to carefully pick up each rhinestone, dip the back of it in the glue, and position it on the pillow. Create any design or monogram you’d like! I’d suggest practicing on a flat surface first though 😉 Tacky glue goes on white but dries clear, so if it comes out around the edges you won’t see it when it dries.


The flower girl basket I bought at Michael’s, for somewhere around $12.

The before image of the flower basket.

I did the same ribbon overlay here as I did for the pillow. Blue first, then purple. I used tacky glue rather than stitching. Glue one end to the middle of the bottom of the basket and let dry. Then pull tight and flush and glue the remaining end to the inside of the basket. (I glued mine close to the bottom on the inside, so when it was full of petals you could see the ribbon on the sides.) Do the same on the other side, and then repeat with the sheer ribbon, or whatever other ribbon you’ve chosen. I tied bows around the four ends of the handles to add a girly touch for my nieces.

Here are the finished products. Inexpensive, easy to make, and made to match our wedding perfectly.

The finished basket and pillow.