Ceremony Timeline

Here is the ceremony event timeline from our wedding. I made ours very detailed so there would be no confusion. I pulled some ideas from information I found online and built my own. Feel free to copy, paste, print, or edit it to fit your ceremony. I hope it helps!


McCarty Wedding Ceremony


–          Music Starts – Jesus, Joy of Man’s Desire

–          Grooms parents walk down the aisle, take seats

–          Brides mother is escorted down the aisle, light memory candles on stage, takes seat

–          Processional begins:

  • Bridesmaid & Groomsman 1
  • Bridesmaid & Groomsman 2
  • Bridesmaid & Groomsman 3
  • Bridesmaid & Groomsman 4
  • Ring Bearer
  • (usher pulls aisle runner)
  • Flower girl

–          Music changes to Pachelbel’s Canon; Bride and father enter at back of church

–          Handing off the bride

–          Music resumes as bride and groom take places on stage, maid of honor arranges the train and takes the bouquet from the bride, bride and groom take hands

–          Prayer over ceremony

–          Scripture readings and message

–          Vow exchanges

–          Exchanging of rings

–          Sand ceremony – Music: Pachelbel’s Canon (Piano only)

–          Closing prayer and message

–          Declaration of marriage – first kiss

–          Exit begins – Music: Peanuts Theme Song

  • Bride and groom
  • Parents of bride and groom
  • Wedding party in reverse order (group 4, group 3, group 2, group 1)