Bouquets & Boutonnieres

Fresh flowers are unbelievably expensive! My bouquet and two boutonnieres cost $150, and I know the gal I got them from could have charged more. Since we were trying to do our wedding cheaply, I wanted to avoid fresh flowers wherever possible. So I made my bridesmaids bouquets and the groomsmens boutonnieres.

Apparently I did this the hard way, because little did I know that you can buy bridesmaid bouquet handles with that green foam in them for arranging fake flowers. Hmph.I found them at Michael’s long after I made these…

I ordered fake lavender colored roses and white mini rose buds from eFavorMart (which is where I got all of our decorations too – more on that later). They have lots of colors and flowers to choose from. I took 4 lavender roses and 4 stems of white rose buds and set them aside for the groomsmen, and divided the remaining roses and buds by 5 to make the bouquets (I also made myself a toss bouquet – there was no way I was throwing my real and expensive one). I cut them all to the same lengths and rubber-banded them together very tight and near the top (as close to the flowers as possible, without messing up the arrangement).

I then wrapped the stems in a deep purple, inch and a half wide ribbon, starting at the base and wrapping upward toward the flowers. (You will want to use tacky glue to glue the starting end to the ribbon laying over it. I didn’t do this and one or two of them started coming unraveled at the wedding.) Wrap your ribbon around all the way to the top, glue down to itself with tacky glue, and clamp it for 10 minutes or so, just so it has a good hold before you let it finish drying. Then cut off any excess ribbon and fluff the flowers.

For the boutonnieres, I used small rubber bands (like the ones you use for small hair braids) to hold the two stems together, and did the same wrapping style with the same ribbon. Glue the last end wherever you want the “back” to be, the side that is against the groomsmens chest, so it’s hidden and unnoticeable. You’ll be able to use a boutonniere pin right through the ribbon to attach it to their suit jacket or shirt.

Here is how my finished products looked:

The completed bouquets and boutonnieres.

This was rather difficult and time consuming. I highly recommend buying the bridesmaid bouquet handles. They have them at Michael’s on one of their wedding aisles, and I’m sure you can order them on the internet as well. (Unless of course you’re super-bride, then by all means make yours this way!) You can at the very least make your boutonnieres 🙂