About Me

On June 9, 2012 I was a bride. And then I became a wife. I got the idea to start a blog in the weeks prior to my wedding. I did all of the wedding planning myself; from the reception music playlist to the ceremony outline, the whole day had my fingerprints all over it. And God’s as well. With this blog I hope to help other DIY and young brides conquer their big days and make their planning a lot easier than mine was. I have stories, crafts, ideas, and advice for all of you, and I’ll continue the story as I grow as a wife in my marriage. My hope is to ease your stress, encourage you to trust the Lord, and give you some ideas that you may not have thought of.

I was born, raised, and married in a small Alaskan town called Kodiak. I met my husband Andy working at the city ice rink in the winter of 2010, and we were dating by January 2011. He was a zamboni driver, I was a skate guard and hockey coach. Andy had lived in Kodiak for 13 years before joining me in Anchorage, Alaska in the fall of 2011 while I began college at UAA. We got engaged Thanksgiving day of that year, and so began our journey.

My Christian beginnings were not so pretty, and I’m not ashamed to share. The Lord said “all who call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved”, and so I have. I was raised in a Jehovah’s Witness household until I was 8, when my parents were disfellowshipped for smoking. The congregation never really liked my parents, and I was too young to understand then, but there were worse things going on at that Kingdom Hall and they were looking for any excuse to get us out before my parents exposed anymore secrets. After a few years of being lost to religion, celebrating my very first birthday and my very first Christmas, I came to know the Lord when I was 12 at a Christian camp on a small island that is a stones throw away from the main island of Kodiak. I won’t lie, it took me two summers to wrap my mind around this “Christianity” thing, and at first I was quick to reject it because of my upbringing. But I’m glad I came around.

I hope my wedding inspired, Christian wife stories and wedding planning help bring inspiration and encouragement to any and all who stumble across this.

Welcome to the story of a small town Christian bride (and wife) 🙂

[Small Update! I finally added up all of our receipts and online purchase records. Our wedding cost us $5,144.93, not too bad for a modern day wedding celebration! That total includes my dress, the decorations, invitations, and every single little thing we got. Even glue sticks and stamps!]


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